Once bitten.
twice shy.

It sucks when healthcare comes back to bite you.

Or when a turtle bites in you in Vegas.

While visiting HBLC, you were bit by a turtle. (Yeah, we don’t know where it came from either.) You went to the emergency room to get checked out and were kept overnight for observation. When you left, you tossed the “free” toiletries they provided in your bag. Days later, you receive this bill.

Wait a second…

You didn’t really think we were giving those boxes of toiletries away for free at our booth, did you? Just kidding. Come on – we would never do that to you, but the healthcare system is sending ridiculous bills like this to people every day. These are real prices we’ve seen on claims before.

Download your HBLC bill decoded to learn more about how the healthcare game is rigged to make you pay more.


We asked. You answered.

We asked HBLC attendees to tell us:
How would you change the healthcare game?

Decrease Healthcare Costs


Increase Quality Care for Employees

Reduce Healthcare Complexity

Changing the game at HBLC.


We were so pumped to chat with so many HR professionals at HBLC. Take a peek at all the pics we snapped in our booth.


Break the rules. Change the game.

The healthcare game is rigged to raise your premiums, year after year, while providing no explanation for the increase. Meanwhile, you’re told that traditional networks are offering you a discount, but if the prices are already marked up by over 700%, then it’s hardly a fair rate.

That’s why we refuse to play by their rules – and so should you. Our innovative health plan management approach to self-funded benefits can save employers an average of 20 – 30% in their first year and provide improved employee healthcare access.