Your people. Our focus.

The healthcare system is broken – it’s designed to keep people sick. We’re on a mission to change this by giving your people access to the care and quality they deserve. HEALTHY(me)™ is your continuum of care solution that reduces healthcare complexity, empowers your people and controls costs – and the best is that it’s entirely integrated with our self-funded solution to optimize data and experiences.

Wellness programs that focus on all aspects of health – physical, mental and financial

Intrinsic nurse coaching that treats the whole member for a personalized experience

Engagement strategies that provide early intervention and maximize results through the use of dynamic data-analytic technology

We help your people find their healthy.

Your employees have their own definition of what healthy is for them. That’s why we offer a personalized approach that guides them to their ideal version of healthy. Here’s how it works:

Consult – plan designs, incentives and company wellness challenges


Identify – employee health status via Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), on-site biometric screenings, risk analytics and real-time claims


Implement care – by prioritizing needs and developing a scalable plan


Manage, review & adjust – to ensure employees are healthy and happy

See HEALTHY(me) in action by downloading
these members’ journeys.


Game-changing tools to boost overall wellbeing.

Our HEALTHY(me) platform and tools give employees what they need
to find their healthy.


Claims system (aka, Auto-Trigger™) – daily notifications to nurses of members with emerging risks


Wellness platform – access to health risk assessments, personal/group challenges, biometrics, claims data analysis and more


Educational tools – robust library of educational content to engage members


Data analytics – streamlined, real-time analysis with flexible and customizable reports


Taking employee health & benefits to the next level.

Pairing HEALTHY(me) with our (me)SELF-FUNDED BENEFITS™ solution ensures the best experience for you and your employees. You’ll get a modern benefits solution that integrates the best of traditional TPA services with the best technology experience and in-house care management, so there’s no vendor juggling for you and your employees can have a seamless healthcare experience.




Savings your CFO will love.

5% of employees are driving 51% of healthcare costs. HEALTHY(me) is data-driven to target individuals with the appropriate care and manage members that drive cost.

Source: Health Affairs